The Author, after the decommisioning
of the 65th Infantry Division, was assigned
to the 10th Armored

This book is about one combat infantryman's experiences in Europe in WWII, and about Patton's armored spearhead across the Rhineland and Central Europe. A vivid experience of a combat Soldier who was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge and the Bronze Star Medal, and served as an Honor Guard for General George S. Patton, Jr.

From the Siegfried Line to Linz, Austria, experiences of a Combat Infantryman:

The cellars and concerte bunkers at Saarlautern.

Crossing the Rhine River, and the first to do so.

Crossing the Saar River & Hitler's impenetrable Siegfried Line.

Eliminating tank ambush sites.

The Battle of Struth, Germany, surviving by a miracle an attack by 22 Nazi Armored Panzers


Crossing the Danube and capture of Regensburg.

Capture of a Canadian & Australian POW Camp

My Squad at the end of the fighting, in Linz, Austria, Ladner is far right on back row. Sgt. Willie Graybeal is front row, center.

Quote from my book: "I told the men on our tanks, 'Lets fight like hell to survive today so we can fight again tomorrow, and pass it on down the way to all of the others."

"Riding shotgun on Patton's new tanks, across Germany, protecting them from snipers and ambush sites, spearheading for the entire 3rd Army, usually further east than any other Allied soldiers; so when the tankers closed their hatch in combat, we were all alone, on our own, but we knew what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and all else it took was guts, and we did it, just we few of "Patton's Raiders." Below is a picture of a Pershing tank that was used in WWII by General George Patton in his rapid, non-stop thrust across Germany. Patton's Raiders rode on top of these tanks to protect them from enemy attack and to quickly eleminate ambush sites. This same tank pictured below was one of the eight Pershings that were used. The Author, Ladner rode on all eight at one time or other in combat. This is the same tank that he rode on and protected, which is now located at the Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. Ladner photographed this tank and the picture has been digitally placed on the cover of his book, "A Test of Faith and Courage: Patton's Raiders in WWII."
Note: The Armed Forces Museum recently sent this tank to Florida to be completely restored to its original condition. It is now a very famous tank.


My combat buddy Al Sperl, the "BAR" man, on a cruise boat up the Danube River on a Sunday, after the war in Europe ended. The Captain was trying to teach us the days of the week again.


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