It has been said that he who has no history, has no future. Our great Heritage in America, which is our birthright, our traditions, and legacies that have been bequeathed to us from the past, gives us our individuality, and makes us the proud citizens that we are. If we do not have a religion, a history, a heritage and a meaningful government; of, for, and by the people, that we believe in, we are then a worthless and insignificant people.

Without a History we will have no Heritage, and cannot learn from the past, and we will make the same mistakes again, and again, and no progress in human endeavors for the betterment of mankind, will ever be accomplished.

So, we must learn the history of WWII in order that the mistakes and blunders made then will never occur again. We must look back at WWII to be able to identify those great qualities in Americans that made them accomplish such greatness as they then did, and try to perpetuate them the best that we can. We must learn from mistakes, as well as from achievements, so as to then make this world a better place for all mankind to live in; in peace, freedom, harmony and prosperity.

For the citizens of this great country to remain free, we must all have something that we believe in immensely, and a cause that we are willing to die for. Without such, we are a meaningless and empty people that are easily destroyed by the forces of evil.

There have always been two forces at work opposing each other in this world, one of good, and one of evil. It has always been inherent upon the good people to put down, and defeat the evil forces. This is a fact that we must always face, and be vigilant to successfully deal with.

To protect and preserve our History, our Heritage, and our Religious faiths, and freedoms, it takes brave men, men of strong heart, to endure the hardships of the trials and tribulations of war. These must be men with a legacy, a birthright to live up to, a heritage and tradition to follow in the footsteps of, that has been bequeath to us by our forbearers who have fought for what is right, who have won over evil, and passed the rewards on down to us.

It is necessary to know the true worth of what our heritage and legacy is, that has been passed on to us, in order to protect and defend it.

We must have great faith in our birthright, in order to muster the courage that it takes to defend our great American Heritage, our Constitutional government, and our inheritance of these great values, that has been handed down from our forbearers who struggled so hard to create them, and pass them on to us, to protect and preserve for posterity.

WWII was a time of great peril for all freedom loving people everywhere. Our Constitution that guarantees us the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as freedom of our religious faiths, all was in great peril of being eradicated.

Had we Allies not won that war, all of us would have lost those things that were so precious to us. We would not now have our History and Heritage to be proud of, no Religion to give us the moral strength of character to inspire us, to carry us through times of great difficulties and tribulations. We would have been reduced to dumb downed zombies and slave laborers.

A monument at Mauthausen Concentration Camp Memorial Museum, at Linz, Austria where over 100,000 political enemies of Adolph Hitler died, bears the inscription, “May the living learn from the fate of the dead.”

My purpose in writing this book about my wartime experiences was driven by the need for the citizens of America to come together as one great nation again, as one nation, indivisible, and under God. This is the only way that our people can be secure to live in peace, happiness and prosperity.

What I observed and experienced in Europe in WWII, I hope and pray will never happen here, to the people of America, or in fact, to any other people of the world. We can make this possible by studying and being thankful for our history, our heritage, and believing in our God Almighty, and His powers over all things.

It is inevitable that henceforth, down through history, American citizens will be called upon to again, and again, put down the forces of evil in this world, both from without, and from within this great Country.

To be able to succeed in preserving our history, heritage and our freedom, we must remain prepared to defend against the forces of evil, and to overcome them, through faith in Almighty God, and all that is good, and with the courage to win over the forces of evil.

Liberty & Freedom Productions "A Test of Faith and Courage" Copyright (c) 2000 by Oscar Buren Ladner, Author